The range of treasury tasks has expanded. It includes matters of long-term strategy to day-to-day operational activities. Each discipline within treasury requires specific knowledge, tools, and skills. This might not always be available in-house or it might not be cost-effective to set it up for your own organisation. Our Treasury Desk offers the solution. The Treasury Desk consists of a team of experienced treasury specialists. They can be deployed for cash, interest rate and foreign exchange management, closing transactions, providing financial reports, and answering any questions. We are licensed as an investment firm for these activities and have incorporated ESG into our services.

Our activities will be tailored to your organisation. The Treasury Desk will be at your disposal at all times. Our support will be flexible to your needs. With the Treasury Desk, your own professional treasury is within reach, regardless of the size and experience of your organisation.

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Transaction support

Benefit from market know-how and experience.

Treasury subscription

A discussion partner for your treasury.

Treasury outsourcing

Outsource tasks to specialists.

Treasury volume

The clients who were supported by the Treasury Desk on 1-1-2023 had a collective cashflow of almost € 14 billion. Most of the cash flows consisted of euros, namely 96 percent. In 2022 the Treasury Desk closed around 580 million worth of FX options, swaps, and spots. The total worth in euros of all the loans and derivatives the Treasury Desk managed per 1-1-2023 was almost 2,3 billion.

Managed cash flows

FX options, swaps, and spots

Loans and derivatives