For a proper execution of financial transactions knowledge is required. In addition, experience and access to information contribute to the success of a transaction. The specialists of the Treasury Desk can provide it all. They have knowledge of and experience with derivatives, such as swaps and options, as well as pricing all forms of financing and FX transactions. By keeping a close eye on currency fluctuations and maintaining direct contact with the dealing room of banks, the Treasury Desk can see to it that pricing of each financing instrument is set optimally. As a result, there will be less pressure on the duty of care of banks.

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Every organisation has both internal risks, inherent to the type of organisation, and external risks. For example, organisations may face significant foreign exchange, commodity and interest rate risks as well as volatility in the financial markets. The products offered to manage these risks are complex.

Anticipating fluctuations in foreign exchange and interest rates is only possible, if you are aware in time of movements in those markets relevant to you. We believe that markets, risk and hedging should all be transparent. We use our knowledge and experience to clarity these matters to you. Once a week, an up-to-date overview of rates on foreign exchange and interest rate markets is available on our website. You can download the overview via the button below. You can also make use of our Treasury Toolbox.

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